miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

A princess

What’s your full name? Alexandra Crandell
Hometown? Sacremento, CA
How did you become a model? I sent Polaroids to agencies my senior year in high school.
How did you end up on an MTV show? They cast my boyfriend as a main character, so I got pulled in with him!
What’s something about being a model that people wouldn’t really know? You never know your schedule until the day before.
What’s something about being on reality television that people wouldn’t really know? It’s stressful!
Is it odd watching parts of your life set to an MTV soundtrack? Extremely! But it’s also really fun!
What’s your favorite place in New York City? My new apartment! It’s the first place I’ve lived that’s mine!
After modeling, you will be… Who knows! I have so many passions in life, I could see myself doing a number of things.